GPS tracker with Bluetooth

FM-Pro4, FM-Tco4 HCV, FM-Tco4 LCV GPS tracking devices are available with Bluetooth module (BT version). GPS tracking device with Bluetooth enables wireless connection with accessories and also comes with a mobile app that makes drivers work easier and more effective.

Bluetooth uses

Tracking device with Bluetooth is able to wirelessly connect with up to 5 temperature sensors. Wireless connection simplifies installation and reduces its costs by eliminating extra work with cable wiring. It also removes the risk of violating vehicles warranty with cable wiring. Bluetooth technology also creates opportunities for future developments as it is affordable but advanced technology.

Mobile app

A mobile app OnTrack Connect (Android only) comes with Bluetooth device and assists driver in daily activities. Firstly it can be used as an identification tool, it helps to quickly send alert and set a trip type – business or private. What is more, it allows driver to activate parameters via digital output.