FM-Plug4 is a Plug & Play type GPS tracking device that connects to the vehicle via an OBD II socket. Fast and simple installation eliminates installation costs and allows on-the-spot presentation of the device. By assigning each employee their own device, the driver instead of the vehicle can be tracked, and the device can then be used in different vehicles.

This device is also available with an integrated battery – FM-Plug4+ version.

Ruptela-Plug4-GPS-trackerFM-Plug4 functionalities
  • Vehicle location, history, mileage, speed monitoring
  • OBD data (FM-Plug4+ version)
  • Vehicle towing detection

Functionalities for driver behaviour monitoring:

  • Speeding
  • Excessive idling
  • High RPM
  • Hard acceleration
  • Hard braking
Power Supply 12/24 V DC (range: 10 – 32 V DC)
Size 62.3 x 52 x 28 mm
Internal storage 4 MB (min. 30000 records)
Firmware/configuration update Overt the air GPRS or USB
Interfaces OBD II Connection, Micro USB
GPS/GLONASS module Ublox ECO-M8M
GPS/GLONASS antenna Internal
GSM modem Quectel M95
GSM antenna Internal
Accelerometer 3 axes
Better (FM-Plug4+) Li-Po 190 mAh