Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)
Q: Which technology is used in Vehicle Tracking?
GPS, GSM and GPRS technologies are used for vehicle tracking.

Q: What is GPS and how does it work?
GPS was developed by the U.S. military to enable accurate navigation. 24 satellites have been placed in orbit some 20.000 km from the earth’s centre. GPS satellites are continuously transmitting a radio message containing information including when the data was sent, which satellite sent it and the current reliability of the system.

Q: Is GPS really accurate?
Our maps are among the most accurate in the industry with a resolution of 44 feet. Our GPS receiver can locate a position within 50 feet.

Q: What if my driver speeds or goes outside the geofence and I am not at my computer?
You can receive alerts to your cell phone telling what the alert is for and their location. For speeding it will say what the speed is. For breaking a geofence, it will give location to within 50 feet, time of day and speed.

Q: Is there a warranty for the vehicle device?
Our device comes with one year replacement warrantee .However, incase the vehicle device is tampered with or reinstalled without the services of our engineer, the warranty will be void.

Q: Do I need any software?
No our customers do not need any special software. Our End customers do not even need internet connection for basic car security features. Our customers only need an internet connection for web based tracking. We take care of everything else for them.

Q: Does the technology work all over Uganda?
Yes, this technology works everywhere in Uganda and also in other countries given the availability of GSM network and uninterrupted GPS signal. Though the performance and coverage may vary. The performance of every wireless communications system is subject to local conditions, like GSM network coverage and where a caller is located when they use.