automatic Vehicle Loaction in Uganda

Automatic Vehicle Location
Automatic vehicle location or AVL is a means for determining the geographic location of a vehicle and transmitting this information to a point where it can be used. Most commonly, the location is determined using GPS, and the transmission mechanism is a satellite, terrestrial radio or cellular connection from the vehicle to a radio receiver, satellite or nearby cell tower.

Automatic vehicle location is a powerful tool for managing fleets of vehicles, from service vehicles, emergency vehicles, and construction equipment, to public transport vehicles. It is also used to track mobile remote assets, such as construction equipment, trailers, and portable power generators.

Locating a moving truck or barge in real time can be a challenge. V-Track Uganda’s expertise in GIS and GPS technology has been used in designing a system that will locate a vehicle’s position and communicate it to a central base station in real time for displaying the vehicle’s position on a map in real time.

The primary advantages to an AVL system are:
Locate and send nearest vehicle to customer Greater number of pickups and deliveries per day Increase on-time deliveries Increase number of vehicles dispatcher can manage Tracking report documentation