Air Conditioning in Uganda

Split Air Conditioning
Stay Cool with a Split AC of your Choice
One of the primary advantages of split air conditioners is that they are ergonomically designed to fit in without occupying a lot of space. Simply get the indoor unit installed on the desired wall and cool down.
Fabulous Features
These air conditioners are equipped with advanced features like automatic operations, sleep modes, anti-bacterial properties, auto filter cleaning technology, noise free operation, and many others. Moreover, these are energy efficient appliances that do not raise your electricity bill. The split AC price range is what makes it lucrative.

Cassette air conditioners

Cassette air conditioners allow you to create a comfortable indoor environment all year long. Featuring wide, adjustable vanes, low-noise motors, group controls, and an anti-corrosive coating, our innovative systems are not only powerful and functional, but designed to last. Plus, with their slim profiles and clean lines, our cassette air conditioners will integrate beautifully into your space

Window Air Conditioners

windowacEscape the summer heat by stepping into the coldest room in your home. If you live in an apartment with a wall air conditioner in your main room, the cool air may not travel all the way to your bedroom each night. With a window air conditioner in your room, you can sleep comfortably in a temperature-controlled space. These window AC units are a breeze to install and remove, so you can use them seasonally, and store them away when the temperature drops. Sears has an extensive collection of room air conditioners to help you rest without interference from the summer heat and humidity.