car Tracking in Uganda by V track Uganda

Established in year 2007, V-Track (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the most celebrated tracking companies of Uganda. Headed by Mr. Amit Bhattacharji, the organization has scored a prestigious repute in a very short time span. Though the name of V-Track is relatively recent for the market but the Chief Executive Mr.Amit Bhattacharji  has been the ace expert of the Tracking System over the course of one decade and needs no introduction.

He has assembled a team of experts in IT & marketing, the best brain of the field. The company was able to achieve such tremendous success on account of the earnest efforts and meticulous research of the competent team members,

who leave no stone unturned in planning every undertaken assignment. V-Track has given a new trend to Vehicle Tracking Market incorporating this business with the latest business techniques and research based planning of projects by carrying out market surveys, maintaining data base of market information and preparing industry risk reports.

V-TRACK (U) LTD. is the number one private company that provides
Professional security Services in Uganda and the East African Region at large. The
Company is designed to operate as a self-sustaining private institution; hence,
Most of its objectives are business like: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Realistic
Time bound (SMART) and they are regularly reviewed, monitored and
Evaluated by the best business practices like the use of a business plan,
Professional experts and stakeholder engagement in lacking areas.

V-TRACK (U) LTD is driven by a high level of focus and commitment; and
Has achieved the following objectives,
• Provides innovation and comprehensive vehicle security solutions in order to create an enabling security environment to meet today’s even increasing security needs.
• eliminates our client’s security worries and threats through the provision of customized security services.
• maintains a high level of professionalism, excellence and diligence in the provision and delivery of security services.
• Maintains and uphold the virtues of honesty, loyalty, integrity and trust both within and out of our organization.
• provides low-cost, efficient and economically affordable security services to individuals and corporate organizations.
• has achieved high reputation in the vehicle security services industry in terms of reliability, dependability and professionalism.
• provides high quality services, customized and tailored advice and client protection in accordance with the best business practices.
• has developed and implement controlled processes
• has defined key responsibilities that support the operation and the monitoring of the above process